New options in breast tumor therapy

Breast tumors, both cancerous and non-cancerous, are one of the most serious health problems facing women today. Early detection is the most powerful tool in combating this problem. Coupled with early detection is the early treatment of tumors or "lumps" found in the breast.  Novilase® is an image-guided laser ablation device for minimally-invasive treatment of breast tumors.

Novian Health is conducting a two-stage clinical trial seeking to obtain approval of Novilase for treating malignant breast tumors.  The study has started in the U.S. and a similar study will be conducted in Europe with the internationally renown cancer center, Institut Gustave Roussy, leading that trial.

For additional information about the Multicenter "Ablate and Resect" Study of Novilase for the Ablation of Small Breast Cancers, click here.

Novian Health has received FDA clearance for Novilase for the treatment of benign breast tumors (fibroadenomas).  Fibroadenomas are the most common type of solid breast tumor - affecting 10% of all women. Whether discovered through a self-breast examination or routine mammogram, many women request surgical excision of the fibroadenoma, after consultation with their physician.  Now women have a new option to treat benign lesions - Novilase, a minimally-invasive alternative to surgical lumpectomy.

A registry has been initiated to collect additional information on benign tumors and patients are being treated at centers around the U.S.

For additional information about the Novilase ABLATE patient registry program, click here.

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